Arthur Behrens GmbH & Co. KG., Bremen, Components for power electronics
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Arthur Behrens GmbH & Co. KG., Bremen, Components for power electronics
About usTradition since 1899

1899 Arthur Behrens founded an agency for fishing machines in Petersburg - that started the story of the company now being over 100 years old. 1919 it was registered in the commercial register in Bremen.

1948 Georg Becker took over the company having been a partner before. At that time the company was working as an agency for German electronic goods. During the sixties it became an importer of electronical components mainly from the Anglo-Saxon countries.

1984 the next generation took over the business with Thomas Becker being responsible. Today the company has international commercial dealings and represents a large number of leading manufacturers. This assures the service capability and the ability to deliver. A sufficiently large stock and daily dispatch contributes to a quickly supply with electronical components.

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For any questions or details our sales representative will be on location to provide a solution to satisfy our customers.

Quality is our responsibility with the emphasis placed on continuous improvement. Therefore we are certified since 2003 to DIN ISO 9001. Volunteer supervision at regular intervalls guarantees to be up to quality standards considering our products and service.

Our products of today ensure innovation of tomorrow.

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